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The Thought Readers (Mind Dimensions Book 1)

By Dima Zales

Everyone thinks I’m a genius. Everyone is wrong. Sure, I finished Harvard at eighteen and now make crazy money at a hedge fund. But that’s not because I’m unusually smart or hard-working. It’s because I cheat. You see, I have a unique ability. I can go outside time into my own personal version of reality—the place I call “the Quiet”—where I can explore my surroundings while the rest of the world stands still. I thought I was the only one who could do this—until I met her. My name is Darren, and this is how I became entangled with all the Russians and learned that I’m a Reader.

Fantasy and Science-fiction, Teen and Young Adult

I Accidentally Slapped a Dinosaur (Time & Raspbody Book 1)

By Barry Raspbody

A very funny illustrated book for ages 8 and up. Barry Raspbody spends many of his days working as a stand up comedian. When he is not working, he stays with his best friend Brother Time (son of Father Time) and follows him around on wacky adventures. On this particular day, Brother Time asks Barry to help him find a cave behind his house that’s supposedly full of diamonds, so that he can collect the diamonds and give them away to poor people. Brother Time pushes this plan forward despite warnings from Martha the Hummingbird and Brother Time’s butler, The Electronic Shark, that there are dinosaurs living in the cave. This may or may not lead Barry and Brother Time into mortal danger and the accidental slapping of a dinosaur…

Fantasy and Science-fiction, Fiction, Teen and Young Adult

Lost to a Spy: An All the Queen’s Spies Novel

By Sharon Cullen

A refined Scottish courtier. A rugged British spy. And an affair that will change the course of history. Everything changes when the shocking deception is revealed in this seductive novel from USA Today bestselling author Sharon Cullen. Ladies in waiting can’t help noticing more than they let on. After so many years at the court of Mary, Queen of Scots, Emma Howard sees quite plainly that the royal couple is anything but happy. Reeling from a failed marriage herself, Emma sympathizes with her beloved queen. But the last thing she wants is for the king to be murdered, let alone to witness the shocking act herself. With her whole world turned upside-down, Emma is saved by the quick thinking of a lowly printer . . . who, unbeknownst to her, is one of England’s most daring spies. At Queen Elizabeth’s behest, Tristan has been stirring discontent against the Scottish nobility. Now that the king is dead, his mission is even more critical. There’s only one complication: the exquisite courtier who’s unexpectedly fallen under Tristan’s protection. Emma rouses his body and his soul. But after she learns that he’s a traitor, the fate of two nations hangs on her response. Tristan’s prepared to risk his life in exchange for hers. Will Emma do the same for the man she’s come to love?


Catch Your Breath: A Guide to Manifesting Your Ideal Life by Transforming Yourself

By Bobby Foster

To accomplish everything we want in life, we don’t need to attain anything, we need to remove our blocks. From the beginning of “Catch Your Breath” by Bobby Foster, you feel empowered that life doesn’t happen by circumstance, but rather, you are in control of what you call into your life. Instead of becoming a victim to your life, you become the creator. Using your pain to further your life instead of becoming paralyzed by it. Although the process of transcending to a place of love is challenging, Bobby uses real-world examples and poetry to help you reflect on what it means to really be abundant in life.


Samuel Pepys and the Stolen Diary

By M J Lee

Samuel Pepys has been keeping a diary for ten years; a diary that tells of his life at the court of Charles II. And of his own marital indiscretions. Now it has been stolen, along with his wife’s favourite locket. Samuel must get it back, or he might lose his head in the Tower. He will certainly lose his wife, who thinks he’s given her locket to his latest mistress. Together with his best friend, Will Hewer, he embarks on a quest to recover the lost items, leading him to the dark heart of a treacherous and corrupt Restoration London. Samuel Pepys and the Stolen Diary is a laugh out loud romp through the filthy streets of London, where hackney drivers boast of having the best seats for a hangin’ and the poet laureate Dryden rewrites his plays for the highest bidder. Filled with historical colour and clever plot turns, you’ll be cheering for Samuel and Will well after the last page is turned.

Mysteries & Thrillers

Just An Ordinary Girl

By Shannon Heuston

Leah has always been told she was someone special. Born after the end of the world, she lives on an isolated ranch, ruled over by Yeoman, her spiritual leader. But when he betrays her, she is forced to leave the only home she’s ever known and try to survive in an unfamiliar, alien world. Leah is about to get the shock of her life. Turns out what she thought was ending was really just beginning, and she’s just another ordinary girl after all.


Terramezic Energy (Grumpy Old Wizards Book 4)

By John O'Riley

In this family friendly contemporary fantasy, when a mysterious and destructive magical force strikes near Sarasota, Florida, the chief of police assigns his best investigator and arguably strongest wizard, Josephine O’Connor, to the case. As Josephine studies and investigates this mysterious phenomenon, she learns that a young woman has become a lab rat to develop stronger wizards. As Josephine tries to help the woman control her abilities, it becomes apparent that the new wizard has a volatile power that may prove impossible to contain. Josephine and her friends face their greatest challenge yet when a hostile AI known as APU 81, created by an advanced civilization, resurfaces and targets them for termination. APU 81 has plotted for centuries to enslave humanity and the time has finally come for it to carry out its sinister plans.

Fantasy and Science-fiction

Mannethorn’s Key (The Key of Life Book 1)

By Simon Lindley

Slumped over the toilet bowl in his slum apartment, Bart’s high-rolling lifestyle as a derivatives broker hasn’t exactly come up roses. Alcohol, affairs, and a skill exploited for short-term gain have rewarded him with divorce, bankruptcy, and unemployment. A world away, a wizard confronts a centuries-old foe. The outcome, however, will be determined by Bart – who is plucked from a last-ditch job interview and thrust inside a testing ground, where an immortal and mentally unstable knight with a penchant for lopping off heads grooms him for the world beyond – or will murder him in the process. Join exiled dragon-lords, grass-eating giants, impetuous warriors, troll assassins, ribald dwarfs, evil men, and vengeful women seeking to save themselves from a flawed world and failing magic. With hungover Bart at its epicentre, what can possibly go wrong?

Fantasy and Science-fiction, Fiction, Teen and Young Adult

Throw Down: Caged and Dangerous Book 1

By Grace James

A gritty and emotional MMA Fighter Romance, featuring a tortured anti-hero and a straight-talking heroine. Evan Crowe – I fell in love with her when I was just a kid. That age where you just live your life and never think about the consequences. I gave her everything – all of me. When she disappeared, part of me died. Then, one day, there she is… looking at me from across the street with those big brown eyes of hers. But I ain’t a dumb kid anymore. The girl is poison, I know that now. No matter how much I still want her, I can fight it. Fighting is what I do. In the cage, they call me ‘The Pitbull’. They say I’m rabid. And they’re right… because I can’t decide if I want to choke her out, or fuck her.


Love Letters: A Rose Harbor Novel

By Debbie Macomber

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY LIBRARY JOURNAL. In this enchanting novel set at Cedar Cove’s cozy Rose Harbor Inn, Debbie Macomber celebrates the power of love—and a well-timed love letter—to inspire hope and mend a broken heart. Summer is a busy season at the inn, so proprietor Jo Marie Rose and handyman Mark Taylor have spent a lot of time together keeping the property running. Despite some folks’ good-natured claims to the contrary, Jo Marie insists that Mark is only a friend. However, she seems to be thinking about this particular friend a great deal lately. Jo Marie knows surprisingly little about Mark’s life, due in no small part to his refusal to discuss it. She’s determined to learn more about his past, but first she must face her own—and welcome three visitors who, like her, are setting out on new paths.



Off the Rails

By Jill Sorenson

A dedicated American agent risks everything for a forbidden beauty in the sensual, turbo-charged follow-up to Caught in the Act. Four years ago, when Ian Foster was working as a border patrol agent, he rescued an eighteen-year-old Mexican girl who’d been left for dead. He never forgot the gorgeous, resilient Maria Santos. Now Ian is an undercover ICE agent on the trail of a ruthless criminal with an intriguing connection: Maria. She holds the only clue to the man’s whereabouts. And Ian is tasked with crossing the border to find her. Maria has always carried a torch for Ian, the handsome American who saved her life. When he shows up in her hometown, the attraction between them ignites. His intense gaze sets her blood on fire. But Maria is in serious danger. She owes a favor to a drug lord, and soon she’s caught in the crosshairs of a treacherous takedown operation. Once more, Ian’s her sole hope of survival—and his sizzling touch rekindles a passion that goes beyond borders.


The Millennial’s Playbook to Adulting

By Arika L Pierce

Adulting is a Blast! (said no one ever) The Millennial’s Playbook to Adulting is a must-read for any Millennial that is transitioning into a successful adult. Packed full of practical insights, tips, techniques and real-life stories, this is a one-stop resource on everything from personal branding and networking, to job hunting, finances, and mental/physical health. Whether you just graduated from college or have been adulting for a few years, this book is for you! Consider it your on-demand adulting solution to direct you down the right path. You will come away wiser and better equipped to make smarter decisions. Adulting is hard, but this book will give you the plays to make it easier.

Success & Motivation

HOSTILE WITNESS: A Josie Bates Thriller (The Witness Series Book 1)

By Rebecca Forster

When sixteen-year-old Hannah Sheraton is arrested for the murder of her stepgrandfather, the chief justice of the California Supreme court, her distraught mother turns to her old college roommate, Josie Baylor-Bates, for help. Josie, once a hot-shot criminal defense attorney, left the fast track behind for a small practice in Hermosa Beach, California. But Hannah Sheraton intrigues her and, when the girl is charged as an adult, Josie cannot turn her back. But the deeper she digs the more Josie realizes that politics, the law and family relationships create a combustible and dangerous situation. When the horrible truth is uncovered it can save Hannah Sheraton or destroy them both.

Mysteries & Thrillers

Sweet Vengeance (Jessica Sweet Trilogy Book 1)

By Aliya DalRae

Jessica Sweet is an orphan – Again. At 26, the term may not truly apply, but having been abandoned by her birth parents at an early age, the death of her adoptive parents is like déjà vu all over again. Now she finds herself alone, facing a future that should be unsure; however, the visions she’s been plagued with since childhood are about to descend upon her, pulling her into a supernatural world where her deepest fantasies and most harrowing nightmares will soon come true. A monster, even by Vampire Standards. Raven has spent the better part of his five-hundred-seventy-plus years fighting the evil within. His capture by an ancient breed of Sorcerers, just surfacing in the Legion’s base town of Fallen Cross, Ohio, leaves him beaten and starving. Escape leads him to an old farmhouse, the single heartbeat within promising life. What he couldn’t know is that the blood he now seeks will sustain him in ways he could never imagine…


Fruit Infused Water: 81 Quick and Easy Vitamin Water Recipes for Weight Loss, Better Sleep,Stress Busting, Detox and Metabolism Boosting and Much Much More

By Harry Love

In a world that is simultaneously short of time and inclined to be fit, fast, and furious, the options to diet and exercise remain very limited. While people are rushing to and fro in pursuit of their respective careers, there is hardly any time to take care of one’s fitness and health. In addition to this is the pressure to always look one’s best. The stress of everyday life gets on everyone’s nerves, and at the end of the day, all you want to do is lie down and let all the tension of the day drain away. This high-pressure lifestyle makes us all very prone to common ailments and illnesses. Stress also causes problems such as excessive weight gain and cardiac ailments.

Cooking & Health

Dreams in Deadwood (Seven Brides of South Dakota Book 1)

By Kari Trumbo

He has a vice as bad as her father. Jennie Arnsby wants nothing more than to turn around and go home. Her family is on their way to Deadwood, SD, when Aiden finds his way to their small wagon train. His teasing and banter leave her wanting to toss him out the back and in the dust. When they are separated outside the city, she is left wondering if she’ll ever see him again. Aiden Bradly wants to find his gold and return home. Nothing more. He can’t afford to get tangled with a woman. He’s doing just that until he meets the feisty Jennie. She gets him thinking about his past and forgiveness, but what’s more important, his past or his new future? Aiden will either redeem his past or claim a treasure greater than he could ever imagine, but he must choose one.


Founding Fathers of America

By Hourly History

To understand the United States, it’s vital to understand the Founding Fathers—the men whose ideas became the pillars of American society. These seven key figures at the very dawn of what would become the United States of America played different roles, including drafting the Declaration of Independence, advocating ratification of the Constitution, and negotiating with Great Britain for freedom during the American Revolutionary War. While George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison all served as presidents of the newly formed nation, John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and Benjamin Franklin showed that the title wasn’t necessary to bring forth ideas and changes that would immortalize them forever as founders of one of the most powerful countries in history.

Biographies & History