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Genes Vs Cultures Vs Consciousness

By Andres Campero

This book explores the mind at a conceptual level. It touches on its evolutionary development, its algorithmic nature and its scientific history. With the speed of progress it is timely to communicate an overreaching perspective; this book puts an emphasis on conveying the essential questions and what we know about their answers in a simple, clear and exciting way.

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By Paula Wynne

The year is 1178, and in the remote, mountain community of Abadía del Torcal a young girl, Elixabet Luz, witnesses a startling lunar event. She begins to unlock the mysterious healing powers of the stones that have been sent to earth, but in just a few short weeks she must forsake the young hunter she loves and be married off to a local nobleman.As she struggles in the little time she has left to convince those around her of the wondrous gift from the skies, she falls foul of a fanatical monk who accuses her of heresy and witchcraft…

Mysteries & Thrillers

The Angel Years

By John Isaac Jones

After the Johnson family learns the youngest daughter is pregnant and unwed, they devise an elaborate plan to keep it a secret from the outside world. Part of that plan includes a lavish lie which is designed to make the scheme seem more believable. Once the child was born, however, this lie would not only come true, but change the lives of every member of the family.


A Rogue to Avoid

By Bianca Blythe

Lady Cordelia was supposed to be the perfect debutante. But three broken engagements later, she’s the subject of titters rather than laudations. Now relegated to the wallflower section of every ballroom, she does not want anything to plummet her further into scandal. She absolutely does not want to have anything to do with the too handsome, too roguish, too Scottish Marquess of Rockport…


Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

By Vanessa Olsen

Start living your life to the fullest with the Mediterranean Diet Cookbook—promoting a Mediterranean diet for beginners and trained chefs alike! Never has a diet truly allowed mankind to live a life so full and abundant while reaping such amazing health benefits. Not to mention that the food associated with the Mediterranean way of life is equally vibrant, mouth-watering, and indulgent.


My Bucket Has Holes

By Sarah Loucks

A personal account of having Bipolar II for 20 years. From childhood to adulthood, the author describes what it’s like to deal with Bipolar II and what it is like to be diagnosed and live life after diagnosis.

Biographies & History

Agent Dark

By Lane Mason

Kat Dark didn’t believe in demons. Not until she woke up with one trying to kill her. But now she knows the truth. The paranormal world is real and all sorts of weird magical beings like vampires, elves, werewolves not only exist but live among us. In fact, she is one of those weird paranormal beings. Now with the help of her new friends in the Magical Bureau of Investigation she’ll learn how to use her magical powers and hopefully survive the next attack.

Fantasy and Science-fiction

Plague Wars

By David VanDyke & Ryan King

When the Eden Plague is loosed upon the world, the forces of order and chaos, good and evil must battle it out in a struggle for control and supremacy. A PTSD-damaged combat medic, a female Marine with no legs and a sniper with no remorse might be its only hope of survival. Can these flawed heroes drive back those who would enslave humanity? Or will the darkness spread and swallow them up?

Fantasy and Science-fiction

Darkness on the Horizon

By Christopher Renna

All Morgan Fischer wants is to graduate high school and escape small-town Colby, Pennsylvania. Since the death of his mother, childhood friends have become his tormentors, and his father has become an absent and neglectful alcoholic. When lack of food forces Morgan to earn money, he develops a friendship with the new residents in town, Ava and Jonathan. They give Morgan the loving attention and guidance he doesn’t receive at home. As their bond deepens, he learns the older siblings have a dark secret…



By Kevin J. Kessler

The Rosinanti Dragons are no more. Since their extinction nearly one thousand years ago these primal powerhouses have fallen into the obscurity of history’s forgotten lore. In that time, humans have come to dominate the world of Terra, peacefully ignorant to one horrifying truth: ancient evil stirs around them, waiting to reclaim its lost world…

Teen and Young Adult

The Angel Stories

By Michael Van Vlymen

In this inspiring book, Michael Van Vlymen shares his unbelievable but true encounters with the angels in his life. Michael says that everyday encounters with angels are not just for the select few, but for everyone who desires it!