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By Nolon King

Alison Tanner thought she was living her best life. But when her husband, Tom, is killed in a gang-related shooting, it all comes crashing down. Tom’s consulting agency was just a front for his real business: keeping their wealthy neighbors supplied with cocaine, oxycontin, and every other illegal drug money can buy. Tom died owing the local drug lord a lot of money—and now Alison’s on the hook…

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Grace in the Wings

By Kari Bovee

New York City, 1920. Grace Michelle has everything she wants: a home, a family, and a future career as a costume designer for famed showman Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr.’s Ziegfeld Follies. Pretty good for a girl who once lived on the streets of New York City. But when her sister, Sophia, the star of the show, is murdered, Grace’s safe and protected life is shattered…

Mysteries & Thrillers


Airliner Down

By John Etzil

Kevin can’t wait to land in Hawaii for a romantic getaway. But when the off-duty pilot takes a glance at his GPS, he’s in for a surprise: the plane is headed to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And he’s the only one who knows it…

Mysteries & Thrillers

Root and Branch

By Preston Fleming

Roger Zorn, owner of a French private security company, is delighted at having won a lucrative contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). But when inquiries lead Zorn to discover that DHS and its lead contractor have been manipulating Triage scores to deport massive numbers of Muslims and is ‘disappearing’ the most violent ones, Zorn faces a choice…

Mysteries & Thrillers

Pig Island

By Robert Joseph

Cop-turned-priest Raff Rafferty travels to Florida to aid in the search for missing college student Holly Greenwood who mysteriously disappeared during Spring Break, learning that she was abducted to a remote Caribbean island by a suave, seductive pilot employed by corrupt billionaire Winston Waxx. When Holly’s friend and roommate Lori is later kidnapped, Raff quickly realizes that his only recourse is a dangerous one, namely to secretly violate the island’s tight security and rescue the girls before they can be sold to foreign brothels.

Mysteries & Thrillers

The Druid

By Mr Steven McKay

The start of a thrilling historical adventure series, The Druid is perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Simon Scarrow, and Griff Hosker. With his war-dogs by his side Bellicus of Dun Breatann must hunt down the men who abducted Princess Catia before their bloody plans can be completed…


Untamed Fire

By Donna Fletcher

Gaby Alvardo borrows the powerful ranchero’s horse to rush and help her injured brother. Raphael Cabrillo doesn’t see it that way—to him…she stole his horse. And so she is to be punished for her crime. She will serve a term of six months as companion to his ailing mother. Raphael intends to tame the spirited woman who refuses to wear shoes, but when an attempt is made on Gaby’s life there isn’t anything he won’t do to protect her…


Strangers on the Water

By John Doan & Steven Justice

The arranged marriage of Dinh and Dung Doan couldn’t have come at a worse time. Ho Chi Minh was taking over Northern Vietnam and threatening their Catholic way of life. The newlyweds gambled their lives on a dangerous escape to the south. Decades later, as communism conquered all of Vietnam, the Doans and their children found themselves threatened again…


The Kitos War

By Captivating History

The topic itself, much like other major Jewish revolts against Rome, is difficult to discuss due to the scarcity of historical evidence. But in this handy tome, you’ll learn some of the basics of the Kitos War. We have included facts and hypotheses constructed from available historical data found in scrolls, inscriptions, statues, and archaeological findings. Learn more about the Kitos War with this book…

Biographies & History

Son of Soron

By Robyn Wideman

To escape a perilous royal life, Solotine and Velaina disappear to the small village of Elderwood, a magicless kingdom, to raise their son in secret. But when their child Nathan begins to show special powers, they realize they are no longer safe. Soon they’ll have to reveal their secrets to Nathan…

Fantasy and Science-fiction

Burial to Follow

By Scott Nicholson

When Jacob Ridgehorn dies, it’s up to Roby Snow to make sure his soul goes on to the eternal reward. The only way Roby can do that is convince the Ridgehorn family to eat a special pie. Lurking in the shadows is a mysterious figure named Johnny Divine, monitoring the crossroads between the living and the dead. Southern Appalachian funeral customs get crossed when Roby has to perform miracles…or else.


Red Bird

By M. Arora

This adventure book teaches kids a simple, yet powerful tool on overcoming anxiety and reminds them that they were born to be fearless and free!

Teen and Young Adult

Leaving Texas

By Caryl McAdoo

Robbed of her true love by his mean-spirited mother, Charity is given no choice but to leave Texas and follow her Prince Charming to the Golden State. Instantly attracted to her, Morgan agrees to help the young beauty on her journey, but where all other ladies paled after first blush, his initial fascination only deepens with every turn of the wagon’s wheels…