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Consent, A #MeToo Romance (The #MeToo Series Book 1)

By Jason Letts & Ashley Davis

Would you sign on the dotted line? Sarah has a painful past and not much hope for the future, especially after being forced out of her job leaves her struggling to make ends meet. She catches a break and lands a position at a tech startup but gets a tip that the staff is toxic to women and the stunningly handsome boss, Keenan Roche, is abusive and controlling. Rather than run for the hills, Sarah decides this is her chance to strike back and maybe take them all down, but she discovers there might be more to Keenan than what her coworkers and his ex-girlfriends say, if only she’ll agree to find out. Consent is a contemporary romance with no cliffhanger.

Fiction, Romance

Love Next Door: A Single Dad Romance

By Tia Siren

Scarlett needed a fake fiancé. I needed a real mother for my daughter. I never thought I’d find love right next door… It was the last thing I was looking for. Then I saw her crossing my driveway. Sassy and curvy in tight denim shorts, I had to claim her. So I welcomed her to the neighborhood… all night long. But I’ve got my daughter to think about. I don’t do relationships. Until I find out Scarlett’s in trouble. Her stalker ex is after her. She told him we’re engaged. But I’ll do more than that. This guy doesn’t know I’m a cop… Or what I’ll do to keep her safe. He’d better stay the f*ck away. He has no idea who he’s messing with. Scarlett’s mine now, and I protect what’s mine. My daughter… and my wife.


The Ravagers Box Set: Episodes 1-3

By Alex Albrinck

In the distant future, humanity staggers as wave after wave of population decimating catastrophes push humanity near its extinction point. A gift from the past provides them a way forward, and soon the human race is exploding its numbers, recreating civilization, generating art and commerce, and expanding its technological capabilities. The growing human civilization also bring back the concepts of war; East and West wage an eternal detente, neither side willing to attack, neither willing to announce peace. In the midst of resounding success, a dark force conspires against humanity: the unleashing of a shockingly deadly, destructive weapon that will leave humanity on the brink of extinction once more. Five people must deal with the launch of this weapon, work to survive, atone for their role in its creation, and try to discover and thwart the plans of those who launched it. Before it’s too late. Before everything is gone.

Fantasy and Science-fiction

Across the Fourwinds (The Maidstone Chronicles Book 1)

By Shane Trusz & Darryl Frayne

Will Owens is an orphaned teenager with a unique ability that has alienated him in the quiet town of Cochrane: he can see dark creatures emerging from the Arden Forest. And people are dying. Will is befriended by Morgan Finley, a stunning fencing champion whose dreams of a Yale scholarship are haunted by her family’s secrets. The unlikely friends venture into the Arden Forest where they enter a magical realm in the throes of a brutal war. Entrusting their lives to a Callum Sage and his rogue companions, Will and Morgan embark on a perilous journey across the Fourwinds to face an ancient evil birthed in a tower known as the Maidstone. Courage and friendship are tested at every turn, but the group has yet to realize the full extent of the powerful forces that threaten to destroy the Fourwinds and reach far beyond the town of Cochrane. If you loved escaping to the worlds of Narnia, Middle Earth, or Landover, you’ll want to join Will and Morgan on their incredible journey… Across the Fourwinds.

Fantasy and Science-fiction

ESCAPE, A New Life

By David J Antocci

After saving a drowning man during a savage storm, Abby wakes up in a tropical paradise in a fight for her life. She has no idea how she got there, and notices changes in herself that she cannot explain. Haunted by unsettling dreams of her past, she meets up with Eric, and together they set out to escape. Standing in their way is a madman, and his band of willing followers, with a mind set on murdering their unwelcome visitors. An eccentric hermit who has been living there for years offers them refuge, but they must deny his generosity. Escape is their only option. Yet, they discover this deceptive paradise is harder to leave than they had ever imagined. One mystery leads to another, until their escape throws them into even greater danger as Abby’s frightening past finally catches up with her. Her escape is only the beginning.

Mysteries & Thrillers

The Nero Prediction

By Humphry Knipe

Was Nero a madman who fiddled while Rome burnt or a musical genius trapped in the body of a Caesar? His young assistant must decide as he battles the prediction that he is destined to murder the musical messiah he worships.

Biographies & History, Fiction, Mysteries & Thrillers

Cinders and Fangs: A Shifter Retelling of Cinderella

By J. Conrad

Destiny, dark magic, and secrets… and a wolf who can change everything. With the Midsummer Rite approaching, Elin must decide whether to trust the strange woman who claims to be her grandmother. Should she follow her alarming advice which carries the promise of happiness? Or should she follow her heart’s desire and look for her mother and the young wolf who means so much to her? Everyone is hiding secrets, and she was already betrayed by the one she trusted most. Can Elin learn to trust again and find her happily ever after, or will she and her true love end their lives in the evil witch’s trap?

Fantasy and Science-fiction, Teen and Young Adult

The Scissors and the Sword (World of Orochi Book 1)

By Ethan Fox

The Scissors and the Sword is the first in a new urban fantasy series, in which Jessica Cartwright, a Scene of Crime Officer, confronts creatures of Japanese myth unleashed upon modern-day London. When blood-soaked scissors are the only clues recovered from a double-murder-scene in Hyde Park, Scene of Crime Officer Jessica Cartwright races against time to understand the evidence before the killer strikes again. But when a sword on display at the British Museum spontaneously shatters, she is confronted with an unthinkable truth: A man from another era has a score to settle with an ancient enemy, in a clash that threatens every soul in London! As the fate of the city hangs in the balance, can Jessica overcome a spectre of her own past in her search for answers? Who would kill with scissors? And who could wield a shattered sword?


The City and the Dead (World of Orochi Book 2)

By Ethan Fox

THE CITY AND THE DEAD is the second novel in the WORLD OF OROCHI urban fantasy series, in which Jessica Cartwright, a Scene of Crime Officer, battles creatures of Japanese myth unleashed upon modern-day London. A month has passed since the events of THE SCISSORS AND THE SWORD, when Jessica Cartwright’s life was turned upside by a chance encounter with a creature of myth in Hyde Park. Now, she has a displaced samurai, Hikaru Arashi, living on her sofa. Meanwhile Orochi, Hikaru’s enemy and Yōkai of the ancient world, has taken up residence in the dark spaces beneath London. As Jessica acclimatises Hikaru to modern life, she learns the skills she will need to survive in this new world of gods and monsters. But after one of Orochi’s nightmarish minions tracks them down, they are forced to recognise that they may have a much bigger problem on their hands: A new killer stalks the streets – a man brought back from the brink of death, with a malign purpose that threatens the entire city! The stage is set for a clash of ages, where the modern will do battle with myth for the fate of London. But when the dust settles, which will remain standing?


Beyond Death: The Afterlife Series Book 1

By Deb McEwan

Claire Sylvester encounters tragedy following the happiest day of her life. As she ponders her ultimate fate, her loved ones are forced to deal with dramas and evil beyond the realms of imagination, and sadistic villains are punished on the road to their own terrifying hell. More than Claire knows depends on her own actions and those of the unlikely partner who accompanied her on her journey. What will be her final destination? And will she get a second chance? Beyond Death – a supernatural thriller about love and loss, death and destruction, with a hint of dark humour.

Mysteries & Thrillers

Girl, Bitten (Girl, Vampire Book 1)

By Graceley Knox

Death has come for the undying. As a genetics graduate student, Sasha Keleterina knows a thing or two about blood. She’s courageous, capable, and not the kind of woman in need of saving. But when she’s attacked in her lab, she barely escapes with her life—only to find out she’s becoming one of the undead. A deadly virus is poisoning vampires in the Portland area, endangering them all. Master vampire Arsen Eskandar is desperate to prove himself and save his people. Following the trail of a recent attacker, Arsen encounters Sasha. She’s beautiful, intelligent, and a fighter, and the attraction between them burns like wildfire. But when the master of a rival clan declares Sasha is not only his—but the cure —a centuries-old war between two ancient vampire clans rises to the forefront and a battle to claim Sasha ensues. But they don’t know her. The only one Sasha is willing to be claimed by—is herself.

Fantasy and Science-fiction

Advancing on Chaos

By Michael T. Tusa Jr.

A theological clash threatens to mar the yearly Southern Decadence festival in New Orleans. Reverend Jessie Ray Elder makes a point of annually protesting the LGBT festival. His dogmatic and rigid views have driven his wife, Madeline, away from their Evangelical church. But Elder ignores her advice and remains committed to his cause because he thinks he’s ridding the city of devilish influences. This year, a rival—the homeless former English professor, Zarathustra the Second—publicly challenges Elder. As befitting his name, Zarathustra the Second treats Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra as his personal bible. Like his idol, Zarathustra the Second believes God has disappeared and seeks to convince others of this fact. Elder is outraged when Zarathustra’s antics divert media attention away from his own protest. To add insult to injury, Zarathustra names Elder’s son, Nicholas, as his first apostle. When Zarathustra the Second predicts that New Orleans will be destroyed by a hurricane, both his and Elder’s faith in their beliefs are put to the ultimate test.


Welcome Home, Cowboy: A Hero’s Welcome Novel

By Annie Rains

After a bad breakup leaves Julie Chandler completely devastated, she comes to Seaside seeking a fresh start. A talented, compassionate yoga teacher, she has developed a program to help alleviate the effects of PTSD, but getting a bunch of bullheaded Marines into downward facing dog might be impossible. So Julie’s shocked when one of her first students dives in headfirst—and almost tempts her to take down her walls with his easy smile and electrifying touch. Ever since Texas cowboy turned Marine pilot Lawson Phillips lost a crew member in a helicopter accident, he hasn’t been able to fly. When a psychologist orders him to attend, of all things, a yoga class, Lawson’s outraged—until he finds out Julie is the instructor. She’s beautiful, graceful, and completely guarded when it comes to his advances, but he’s determined to find out what makes her tick. Because underneath Julie’s hard shell is a woman Lawson knows he could fall for—and he’s not ready for the ride to end.


Vampire Huntress (Rebel Angels Book 1)

By Rosemary A Johns

Vampires and angels are locked in a deadly war. But first, they want their daughter back. Half vampire/half angel, Violet, was abandoned amongst the humans in London as a baby. Suddenly discovering monstrous powers on her twenty-first birthday, she thinks she’s the most dangerous creature to prowl the streets. She’s wrong. When a snarky angel falls into her lap and her adopted sister disappears, Violet is forced into a new role: Huntress. But the deeper she’s dragged into this supernatural world, the more she struggles to survive. On the run, Violet’ll have to rely on a sexy vampire geek, while facing off the harem boy angel threatening her sister. And there’s only one way she’ll win: by letting out the monster… Fans of Buffy and Lucifer are sure to devour Vampire Huntress, the first book in the addictive series REBEL ANGELS by award-winning author Rosemary A Johns. Buy your copy now to begin the thrilling adventure today!

Fantasy and Science-fiction, Mysteries & Thrillers

Of Ice and Snow (Fairy Queens Book 1)

By Amber Argyle

How did the Snow Queen from Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale come to be? Her true name is Ilyenna. Her story begins long before her birth when her parents make a doomed fae bargain that seals Ilyenna’s fate and ignites an immortal war that spans generations and kingdoms. The Fairy Queens Saga is that story. The myriad characters contained within all cumulate into one inescapable truth: never bargain with the fae. The fourth, throwaway son of the clanchief, Otec witnesses his faraway mountain village come under attack by raiders while all the other men are off to war. Cut off from his clan, he must trust a foreign woman stalked by a dark, mysterious magic as they race to save his people. Dodging enemies, Otec soon discovers that what he thought was a mere raid is something far deadlier. The woman helping him—the one he’s developing feelings for—is not only his enemy, she’s also his people’s best chance of survival.

Teen and Young Adult

Leadership:The 7 Laws Of Leadership

By Brian Cagneey

Do you have a vision for a better future? Do you want something more for your company, your organization or even your own family? Do you wonder how other people can get willing followers and do something great? Are you questioning how you can make your vision become a reality? If you have ever wondered how to get willing followers who will passionately pursue a common purpose with excellence then the simple answer is found in one word: LEADERSHIP. It’s what every good company, organization, business, and family needs. It’s the foundation that makes for a brighter future. Leadership is the difference between those who do great things and those who live in mediocrity. Leadership is a skill, just like anything else, but where do you start? Where do you go to look for answers that will help you make tomorrow better than today? The answer is principles. Rules, laws, truths. This is where you can start. And this is what The 7 Laws Of Leadership is all about.

Success & Motivation

The Ketogenic Diet Explained

By Charlotte Melhoff

This book is designed to explain everything you need to know about ketogenic diet. It will explain what happens to your body during ketogenic diet, why these things happen and what does it mean. The book will explain things by showing the science behind the explanations and it will cite research done on ketogenic dieting. I believe that having a basic understanding of ketogenic diet is a vital part of succeeding in ketogenic lifestyle. Many people just follow a diet without really understanding it and end up failing because of it.

Cooking & Health, Non-fiction

Up in Smoke

By Hannah R. Conway

Life heats up for Leanna Wilson when an accident claims her parent’s lives. Her dreams of a high profile law career are reduced to rubble when she returns home to assume custody of her sister, Brie. Without the financial means to take legal custody of her sister—or a binding will to place her safely in her arms—Leanna’s future becomes more uncertain than ever. Already prepared for a blazing custody battle, with less than capable relatives, Leanna’s world is set ablaze when her ex-fiancé complicates matters in an attempt to destroy her future and her faith. US Army, SSG Garrison Burke has spent the last few years alone—balancing flag and fatherhood since the tragic death of his wife. Facing deployment, Garrison is desperate to find a safe caretaker for his son, Ezra—preferably anywhere but the abusive home he grew up in. So, when Leanna Wilson walks unexpectedly back into his life, he’s not sure if she’s a blessing or a curse. More importantly, Garrison cannot seem to forget how he betrayed Leanna many years ago. Yet, as Leanna and Garrison begin to run out of time, they start to see that the solution to their problems might lie within each other, but will they forget the past and allow their broken hearts to mend? As sparks begin to fly and their love is rekindled, a marriage of convenience will either make their wildest dreams come true or cause their best-laid plans to go up in smoke.


Oliver Cromwell: A Life From Beginning to End

By Hourly History

One of the most controversial figures in British History, Oliver Cromwell entered the world as an insignificant member of the English gentry and left it as the all-powerful Lord Protector of the entirety of England, Scotland and Ireland. A radical Puritan, Cromwell believed that his meteoric rise through the ranks of the English military and parliament was an expression of God’s will.

Biographies & History