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Many Million Dreams Ago

By Dre Carlan

Three Lovers. Three lessons. This book deals with the deeper consequences of discovering romantic feelings too early on. Its realism is recounted in three eras of a life gone awry from self-harm, codependency, and casual intimacies. Through the endless pursuits of a hopeless romantic in trying to find his other half, we join him on his journey towards an idyllic destiny.

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The Invitation a Journey into Mankind’s Future

By Michael Mckinney

When a high-speed object eclipses the moon and lands less than a hundred feet from where the president is standing, it leaves those on the ground and television viewers around the world collectively spellbound. Hundreds of millions watch as an alien creature takes all of humanity on a guided visual tour of the future…

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House of a Thousand Eyes

By Katia Lief

A Cold War spy’s deceits rise through time to haunt his American son, in a dual narrative split between postwar Berlin and early twentieth-century New York City. By the end, past becomes prologue, and a father’s secret life and untimely death begin to make treacherous sense before delivering one final surprise.

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What She Knew

By Miranda Rijks

Nine years ago, Stephanie’s flatmate Alison vanished, presumed murdered. When a true crime series wants to interview her, Stephanie is forced to acknowledge her need to answer one burning question—what happened to Alison? But someone doesn’t want her digging for the truth. As her perfect life unravels, she realises her own life is on the line.

Mysteries & Thrillers

Triangle of Hope

By Michael Meyer

If one person can make a difference, just think what three can do. A tender story of love. Three strangers, each harboring a dark secret, become united by chance, and the wonderful power of the human spirit comes alive. If you believe that love and romance can happen in unusual circumstances, then this book is for you.



Fake It for Me

By Weston Parker

I need a woman to help me shut up my big Greek family. And my new intern is perfect for the job, though pretending to have a relationship with her might be a little taboo. Good thing I’m in charge. Being a self-made billionaire, I haven’t spent much time looking for love. None actually. Lucky for me, it’s fallen right into my lap…


Shared by the Cowboys

By Cassie Cole

I started working at Cassidy Ranch as a research project. I never expected to fall in love. But after meeting the rugged Cassidy brothers? I’m definitely falling head-over-heels for three cowboys…


Unexpected Love on the Wagon Train

By Evelyn Boyett

Clara has always felt like a burden to her neglectful, wealthy parents and wants nothing more than to start a new life in California, depending only on herself. To get there, though, she’ll need to rely on someone else all over again…


Spiritual Enlightenment

By Smitha Jagadish

Spiritual Enlightenment is an insightful and actionable guidebook directing you on a journey to greater personal awakening, enlightenment, discovering your true self, and spiritual liberation. If you’ve been soul searching, looking to find a deeper meaning to life, this book will introduce you to simple and effective practices to gain deeper insight into how you live your life.


The Alchemist of Paris

By M. C. Dulac

In the heart of modern Paris is an old house…a house that has been hidden for almost two hundred years. The only clue to its secrets lies in a nineteenth century diary. When research student Ellie opens the door, she will discover not just an ancient mystery, but a tale of magic, betrayal—and immortal love, spanning the centuries…

Biographies & History

Pharaoh’s Star

By Olivia Hardy Ray

Sometimes, the ambiguity of a man is better left ambiguous. Nick and Jenna Dowling buy a second home in Upstate New York but this dream of a lifetime turns out to be anything but relaxing when a strange and mystical experience on a dark, forgotten back road leads Nick on a frantic search for answers about the reality of his identity…

Fantasy and Science-fiction

American Coven

By Amy Cross

Snatched from the street near her home, Holly Carter is taken to a rural house and thrown down into a stone basement. She meets two other women who have also been kidnapped, and soon Holly learns about the horrific rituals that take place in the house…


CC’s Road Home

By Leah B. Eskine

It’s 1964 and as Beatlmania and Motown captivate America’s youth, this young woman encounters small town racial tension, erupting sexual assault, and ignorance towards her beloved brain injured Uncle Bud…

Teen and Young Adult

Plain Jane

By Karen Anna Vogel

Jane Schmucker, on a quest for independence, heads to Cherry Creek, New York, for a job. Although 20, she’s naive about the ways of the world and falls for the charms of a very attractive Amish man, Jonas Hershberger. Although arrogant and mysterious, can she change him? Or will the prayers of Luke Miller, her childhood friend, be heard?