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How to Buy a Planet

By D.A. Holdsworth

It’s the Year 2024. Drowning in debt following the pandemic and facing ruin, the world’s leaders have taken the only logical decision. They’ve sold the planet. When Toby, a penniless student, and his two new flatmates find out one morning on TV, they’re surprised to find the Earth’s new alien owners are staggeringly cute and bring the promise of a debt-free future. They’re just getting ready to celebrate along with the rest of the world, when a chance encounter with a mysterious professor reveals the truth…

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Forgotten Valor

By Richard Thomas Lane

Korea 1950. Lt. Jonas Stuyvesant’s privileged upbringing hadn’t prepared him for the hardships of war. But when North Korea launches a surprise attack, he and his ragtag platoon suddenly find themselves on the front lines of a war no one saw coming. And instead of North Korean peasants armed with pitchforks, Jonas and his fellow soldiers find themselves up against armored Soviet tanks and battle-tested hardened soldiers…

Mysteries & Thrillers


Tequila Four

By Tricia O'Malley

When billionaire pharmacy CEO Chadwick Harrington is abducted, his security chief forces Althea and Miss Elva to use their extra-sensory powers to find Chadwick within three days…or else. Which is the last thing Althea needs when she’s in the middle of an explosive love triangle that threatens to distract her from the events at hand. The clock is ticking, and after a website goes viral revealing the lurid details of Chadwick’s lifestyle, the whole world is watching…

Mysteries & Thrillers

Finding Hemingway

By Ken Dortzbach

Starting in Barcelona, Callie embarks on a six-month escapade of a lifetime, a whirlwind of Spanish culture, with a revolving cast of new friends and lovers keeping her company in each new locale. Hemingway knows her secrets, the demons that plague her deep-down. With each enigmatic clue, Hemingway defies Callie to face her nightmares and embrace life on her own terms.


Blood, Love + Lies

By Brooke Sivendra

A forbidden love…A royal family in despair. Rules are not made to be broken, but he will break them all.


Molly Unplanned

By Nicki Elson

Molly had a plan. But when her almost-fiance opts for a surprise Plan B, she’s left with no boyfriend, no money, and nowhere to live. Accepting an offer for freebie rent on a sleepy Wisconsin farm feels like a giant step back from all her ambitions…until a captivating cowboy turns out to be more than just a fun distraction, spinning Molly’s life in a direction utterly unplanned.


Born Under the Gaslight

By Cindy Collins

“What will the neighbors think?” “Keep your voice down, or the neighbors will hear you screaming.” I never knew The Neighbors, but, more importantly, they never knew my family. Right next door was a house of horror, and they indeed never knew. This is the story that was carefully concealed from you. This is the story that can happen even if you do grow up with neighbors watching…


Short Stories in Spanish for Beginners

By Isabel Navarro Torres

You hold in your hands a book that has been carefully designed as a tool to assist with learning Spanish. Aimed at beginners of any age, background, or interests, the Short Stories in Spanish for Beginners books contain 10 tales of the most captivating characters, places and situations that will help you to learn Spanish in a thoroughly entertaining manner. Each story is written in both Spanish and English.


Soviet Union in World War 2

By Captivating History

No nation suffered more losses during the Second World War than the Soviet Union. The figure most historians recognize as roughly accurate is twenty million. Learn about the time before the war, Stalinism, Barbarossa, the War of Extermination, the major battles, and much, much more!

Biographies & History

Worlds Apart

By C.A. Rudolph

Alan Russell thought about his family night and day. They didn’t just mean the world to him, they were his world. As a devoted husband and father, his sole purpose was to love, support, and protect them. Yet Alan had gone a step further, doing everything in his power to ensure his family’s survival in what he believed would become a perilous and uncertain future. On the day civilization changed forever, he found his efforts hadn’t been enough…

Fantasy and Science-fiction

Box of Bones

By Jeremy Bates

Jim is an American expat teaching English in the Philippines. After a night out with his girlfriend in one of the country’s remote provinces, he wakes to find himself in a pitch-black coffin—and quickly running out of oxygen. With only his cell phone and his own wits to rely on, it’s a race against time to escape the claustrophobic death trap…


Beyond the Rising Tide

By Sarah Beard

Kai Turner was always a rebel while he was alive. Since his death, not much has changed. Now he’s been instructed to forget about his old life and focus on using his new powers to heal people. But all he can focus on is Avery Ambrose, the stranger he died saving. For the past six months, her life has slowly been unraveled by his death. Dangerously blurring the barriers between life and death, Kai breaks all the rules in order to help her…

Teen and Young Adult

Undercover Amish

By Ashley Emma

She watched her house burn down with her family inside. She killed her abusive husband in self-defense. Detective Olivia Mast swore she’d never return to her former Amish community in Unity, Maine, where it all happened. She’d rather run through gunfire than go back there, but she has her orders. The community refuses to seek justice after a murder, so Olivia must don her prayer kapp once more to investigate…