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Hallows Gate (Paranormal Romance Time Travel and Murder Mystery)

By Michelle Erickson

New Years Eve changed Angelina ‘s life. She got lost and fell in love – with a ghost. Now she needs to save him by becoming his wife. The problem? If she succeeds, she frees him, but loses him forever. Love is more complicated than she thought. And that doesn’t include the elves.

Mysteries & Thrillers

Some Will Not Sleep: Selected Horrors

By Adam Nevill

Winner of the British Fantasy Award for Best Collection 2017. Looking for the kind of stories that make the hair stand up on the back of your neck? Ghosts, demons, haunted forests, strange cults, civilisation’s end and more, abound in these eleven tales of terror from the award-winning author of The Ritual (now a major motion picture). Readers have called his stories “unforgettable”, “unsettling”, “gripping” and “nightmarish”.


Enigma: What Lies Beneath

By Ditter Kellen

Doctor Abbigail Sutherland is used to being alone. Between twelve hour shifts at the hospital and looking after her eccentric father, she has very little time for much else. Until an unexpected call one night, sends her racing to the lab where she discovers a secret that could change the world forever. Hauke awakens after an underwater explosion, strapped to a bed and on his way to a site known as Area 51. His only hope for survival lies in Abbie Sutherland, the beautiful doctor that saved his life. Amidst a deadly virus, seemingly impossible to stop, and a corrupt Government placing a price on their heads, Hauke and Abbie run for their lives, uncovering conspiracies, deceptions, and a love that won’t be denied.


Surviving High School

By Troy McCombs

Sixteen-year-old Matt Ingis is just trying to survive high school. But every proceeding day is always worse than the last. The constant bullying, combined with the crippling anxiety and depression, makes Matt’s life a living hell. Duke Rogers, the biggest, baddest kid in Blake High, beats him up whenever he sees him. Everyone else either blatantly ignores him or belittles him. His parents are too wrapped up in their divorce to listen to his problems. And the only thing his therapist’s been able to do is fuel his anger. Stumped for a solution, Matt has an impromptu idea one day while watching an ant crawl across the lunch room table. He consequently decides to create his own therapy group in order to overcome his growing list of problems. With the help of his only friend, Ray Miller, they seek out two other troubled high-school rejects into The aNT’S Club. But will it work? Only one thing is for certain. If Matt doesn’t get the help he needs soon, his repeated truancy will inevitably lead him to Briarwell, a juvenile detention center. And he would rather commit suicide before ending up there.

Teen and Young Adult

Book Publishing for Authors

By Paul Brodie

Become a bestselling author and change your life. What if new habits could dramatically improve your author journey? What if you could grow your business and increase your revenue with a few simple steps? Imagine becoming a bestselling author and having the opportunity to be your own boss, set your own hours, and achieve your life-long goals. Amazon bestselling author, Paul G. Brodie, in his tenth book, covers how to write, publish and market your book to bestselling status in the next 90 days.


Isabelle’s Choice

By AnneMarie Brear

Halifax, 1876. On the death of her mother and sister, Isabelle Gibson is left to fend for herself and her brother in a privately-run workhouse. After the matron’s son attacks her, Isabelle decides to escape him and a life of drudgery by agreeing to marry a moorland farmer she has never met. But this man, Farrell, is a drunkard and a bully in constant feud with his landlord, Ethan Harrington. When Farrell bungles a robbery and deserts her, Isabelle and Ethan are thrown together as she struggles to save the farm. Both are married and must hide their growing love. But despite the secrecy, Isabelle draws strength from Ethan as faces from the past return to haunt her and a tragedy is set to strike that will change all of their lives forever.​


The Complete Soul Guardians Collection: Books 1-8

By Kim Richardson

*** READERS’ FAVORITE AWARD WINNER *** Kara should have died when she was hit by a bus. Instead, she wakes up in the world of the Guardian Angel Legion—a secret band of angels dedicated to protect mortal souls from demons.

Teen and Young Adult

The Mermaid

By Shane Scollins

Some mistakes can shatter your world.Jake decides he’s made his last mistake. His recklessness killed the two people he loved the most, and he can’t carry the pain of it any longer. But when he puts the gun to his head, he doesn’t get oblivion. Instead, the voice of myth calls to Jake from the water, pulling him out of his desperation and into a mystery deeper than the sea that holds it. Jake’s life was saved by a beautiful creature of the deep. Now, it’s his turn to save hers. The Mermaid is a modern twist on an old tale

Fantasy and Science-fiction

The Art of Getting to YES

By Lynn Baber

Fear strikes the heart of most folks when they hear, “We need to talk…” from their boss or spouse. Heart rates soar, blood pressure rises, and concentration on anything else is pretty much toast. Unless the specific intent was to cause panic, one bit of questionable communication can ruin your day. Effective communication is hard. Concise effective communication is an art. For those who don’t have the gift, questions can even the playing field. That’s how questions became the foundation of the author’s career and inspired this short-read book. People who ask brilliant questions are often more successful than people who give brilliant answers. It’s like the old story about the difference between giving someone a fish or teaching them how to fish. One answer won’t make your career, but skillfully asking the right questions might.

Success & Motivation

Writing Mr. Right

By T.K. Leigh

Recommended for mature readers due to strong language and explicit sexual situations. My name is Molly Brinks, but most people know me as Vivienne Foxx, bestselling author of chance meetings, stolen glances, and the much-needed happily ever after. My addictions include coffee, home improvement television, and the occasional pint of ice cream. The love of my life is an eighty-pound labrador retriever named Pee Wee. At the age of twenty-nine-plus-one, I am at the top of my game…professionally. My personal life is a completely different story, one best left untold. Success has its sacrifices and I’ve been more than happy to put my search for Prince Charming on the back burner while I create fictitious tales of the naïve virgin, the broken girl with a torrid past, and the strong-willed student finding their own Mr. Right… Until one hell of a case of writer’s block and a tight deadline set by my publisher forces me outside my cozy downtown Boston apartment in search of inspiration. Armed with an account on every dating website out there, I devise a plan. Meet some nice, professional men. Go on a few dates. Hope one of them has the spark I need to finish my book. Then walk away. But plans are meant to be broken.


The Desert Run: A tense and gripping crime thriller

By Gregg Dunnett

One little crime doesn’t make you a criminal? Does it? Jake is doing everything he can to lead a normal life. But normality doesn’t seem that interested. And while he’s failing to land a decent job, his student debt just grows and grows. His best friend Ben has a simple, if technically illegal, solution. Together they will drive to the Atlas Mountains and fill Ben’s van with cheap, high-quality dope. They’ll drive home, past two international borders, and somehow find someone to buy it. If they succeed they can clear their debts and start their working lives with a clean financial slate. And a gap-year adventure to keep them going through the tedious nine to five. But if Jake thought normal life was hard to crack, he’s certainly underestimated international drug smuggling. Tense, gripping, filled with where-did-that-come-from twists, The Desert Run is an exciting thriller that lets you experience the irresistible call of adventure.

Mysteries & Thrillers

The Death of Ivan Ilych

By Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy

The Death of Ivan Ilyich was first published in 1886. It is a novella by Leo Tolstoy. It is one of Tolstoy’s most celebrated pieces of late fiction. This work stems in part from Tolstoy’s anguished intellectual and spiritual struggles which led to his conversion to Christianity. Central to the story is an examination on the nature of both life and death, and how man can come to terms with death’s very inevitability. The novella was acclaimed by Vladimir Nabokov and Mahatma Gandhi as the greatest in the world.


A Path of Ashes (The Path of Ashes Book 1)

By Brian Parker

Evil doesn’t become extinct, it evolves. Our world is a violent place. Murder, terrorism, racism and social inequality, these are some of the forces that attempt to destroy our society while the State is forced to increase its response to these actions. Our own annihilation is barely held at bay by the belief that we’ve somehow evolved beyond our ancestors’ base desires. From this cesspool of emotions emerges a madman, intent on leading the world into anarchy. When his group of computer hackers infiltrate the Department of Defense network, they initiate a nuclear war that will irrevocably alter our world. Aeric Gaines and his roommate Tyler Nordgren survive the devastation of the war, only to find that the quaint, politically correct world where they’d been raised was a lie. All humans have basic needs such as food, water and shelter…and we haven’t forgotten how to fight for what we desire. A Path of Ashes is the first book in an exciting new series about life in post-apocalyptic America, a nation devoid of leadership, electricity and human rights. The world as we know it may have burned, but humanity found a way to survive and this is their story.

Fantasy and Science-fiction

Starshine: Aurora Rising Book One

By G. S. Jennsen

SPACE IS VAST AND UNTAMED, AND IT HOLDS MANY SECRETS. Now two individuals from opposite ends of settled space are on a collision course with the darkest of those secrets, even as the world threatens to explode around them. The year is 2322. Humanity has expanded into the stars, inhabiting over 100 worlds across a third of the galaxy. Though thriving as never before, they have discovered neither alien life nor the key to utopia. Earth struggles to retain authority over far-flung planets and free-wheeling corporations while an uneasy armistice with a breakaway federation hangs by a thread as the former rebels rise in wealth and power. Alexis Solovy is Earth Alliance royalty, her father a fallen war hero and her mother an influential military leader. But she seeks only the freedom of space and has made a fortune by reading the patterns in the chaos to discover the hidden wonders of the stars.

Fantasy and Science-fiction

Jams & Jellies

By Vesela Tabakova

From the author of the Healthy Cookbook Series comes a great new collection of recipes. This time she offers us easy and enjoyable recipes featuring locally grown and minimally refined fruit. Jams & Jellies: Ridiculously Easy Artisan Recipes Anyone Can Make is an essential guide for those who seek healthy food as it contains only simple organic Jam and Jelly family recipes without added preservatives, high fructose corn syrup or commercial pectin.

Cooking & Health

The Dutch East India Company

By Hourly History

Once valued at close to seven trillion dollars by today’s standards, the Dutch East India Company, formed in 1602, became the world’s first multinational corporation. In the nearly 200-year reign of their empire at sea, the Dutch East India Company amassed unfathomable fortunes, laid the foundation of the modern globalized world, and built monopolies that controlled the economy of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Europe and the East Indies. The rich history of the Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie commonly referred to as the VOC, and its titanic exploits are as astonishing as the twelve labors of Hercules. Uncover the organization that in no small part built the world we live in from the ground up.

Biographies & History