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The Noise of War

By Vincent B. Davis II

He survived Rome’s bloodiest defeat. Now, battling night terrors and survivor’s guilt, he vows to preserve his beloved Republic and embarks on a covert mission deep into enemy territory…

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Emma Frost Mystery Series

By Willow Rose

Emma Frost inherits a house on Fanoe Island when her grandmother dies. She decides to move there with her family, much to her teenage-daughter’s regret. One morning a wealthy old woman in her street is found murdered and soon Emma finds herself wrapped in a mystery uncovering the island’s dark secrets…This collection includes Itsy Bitsy Spider; Miss Polly Had a Dolly; Run Run as Fast as You Can; Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die; and Peek a Boo, I See You.

Mysteries & Thrillers

Bloodline and Wine

By Kelly Jones

When millions of dollars’ worth of Brunello wine is destroyed and an elderly caretaker killed, Dana Pierson’s plans for a relaxing week in Italy with her friend Father Giovanni Borelli are abruptly altered. From the lush Tuscan vineyards and ancient villas, to the far reaches of Calabria, their search to learn who is responsible reveals deception, secrets, and family loyalties, as Dana realizes that people and wine are not always as they seem.

Mysteries & Thrillers


A Very Furry Christmas

By John D. Ottini

Although the four stories in this book are centered around cats, they are not exclusively about cats. The theme behind these tales is the interaction between human beings and their furry friends, and the positive effect animals have on their/our lives. I chose Christmas as the back drop because I love this time of the year and because the romantic in me wants to believe that anything’s possible during the Christmas season.


In the Unlikely Event

By L.J. Shen

Sometimes you meet people who are out of this world, so you make them a part of yours. A one-night stand born from vengeance in a foreign land. An explosive chemistry neither of us could deny. We signed a contract on the back of a Boar’s Head Pub napkin that said if we ever met again, we would drop everything and be together. Eight years and thousands of miles later, he’s here…


He Never Forgot How to Love

By Larry W. Plummer

Jake escapes his horrific captivity as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Cassie is a caregiver at the military hospital and nurses Jake back to health. Their love begins over a bowl of Jell-O and carries them back home to the Kansas farm. The depth of Jake and Cassie’s love can be understood only in the context of the world they dared to change.


Portrait of a Lady

By Victoria Vale

Will newfound happiness end when their arrangement does, or will what began as a matter of lust and convenience lead to true and lasting love?


Forbidden Protector

By Natasha L. Black

I left my badge behind and tried to forget. When I took a job as bouncer at a biker club, I was just an ex-cop looking for a paycheck and a chance to beat up the drunks who start bar fights. I never thought I’d be caught in a gang war. Or that my boss’s little sister Connie would be so delicious, so hard to resist…


The Date Deal

By Tara Sue Me

Seven years ago, I ditched my professional baseball career. The paparazzi no longer follow me and the media’s moved on, but I still live by rules created to ensure I would never be a laughingstock again. My rules do not allow for a free spirit, bound and determined to get a recording deal in Nashville. A woman actively chasing a public life I turned my back on. And they certainly will not accept the little sister of the man who recently married my ex. Unfortunately, this siren with the voice of an angel, is the only woman I want. So I made a deal…



By A.L. Long

Rescued from the only life she had ever known; Alannah Jackson learns what it means to be loved and not controlled. Finally, able to let go of her past she begins a new life with the man who has shown her what love is. Faced with the truth, Alannah finds she can never escape her past or who she is. She will never love, only serve…


Heal Your Marriage Through Kabbalah

By Eyal Konforti

Do you want to strengthen the bond with your partner, bring you closer to each other and enhance mutual understanding in order to improve marriage life? The kabbalah theory has the perfect solution for you.


Girl, Taken

By Elena Nikitina

Imagine you are walking home alone one evening. Suddenly, you are assaulted, drugged and kidnapped. Strange men drive you through the night and keep you prisoner in a dark, tiny room. You don’t know who they are. You don’t know what they want. They speak a language you don’t even understand. This happened to me…

Biographies & History

Journey to Where

By Steven Paul Leiva

When a radical experiment into the nature of time is sabotaged, the scientific team finds themselves in an alternate universe, where humans never became the dominant life force. Instead, dinosaurs evolved into intelligent bipeds, developing language and societal structures. The scientists have to learn to communicate with this alien species, who view them as unusual pets, and figure out how to recreate the original experiment…

Fantasy and Science-fiction

Empyrean Witch

By J.S. Malcom

When a psychic reading of a supernatural crime scene connects me with three dark goddesses hunting for a talisman, I seriously start to reconsider my life choices. Especially when those same goddesses start hunting me…

Fantasy and Science-fiction

Dragonseers and Bloodlines

By Chris Behrsin

It’s two years after Pontopa Wells escaped from King Cini’s palace and became a dragonseer in the secicao addled Southlands. Now, Pontopa has all the responsibility of being a parent to Sukina’s son Taka, and she doesn’t know how to handle it. On top of that, she feels that she needs to train to become as good a dragonseer as Sukina was, and she never feels she can live up to the task. But when Taka goes missing, Pontopa must step up to the plate and learn what it truly means to accept responsibility and become a dragonseer…

Fantasy and Science-fiction

The Halfblood’s Hoard

By Devin Hanson

Alexandra Ascher isn’t your usual private investigator. She lives on the fringes, making a living by doing odd jobs and aiding clients with problems that would raise eyebrows. Despite the unusual nature of her clients, as far as she knows she is simply a normal human. On the eve of her 21st birthday, her apartment is completely trashed. Tracking down the perpetrators leads her into a growing web of mysteries…


Guardian the Choice

By Geoffrey Saign

A demon haunts Samantha Green’s dreams. And she fears it’s coming for her…Sam is quickly pulled into a high stakes battle for the world involving magical beasts, ninja dragons, and giant creatures. Ready or not, she is about to find out if she has what it takes to be a guardian…

Teen and Young Adult

One Thursday Morning

By T.K. Chapin

Running not only for her own life, but that of her unborn baby, Serenah moves across the country to a little town outside of Spokane Washington called Newport. It’s here she’ll begin to build a new life and go by a different name in the hopes of staying hidden from her abusive husband John. Can Serenah find happiness in her new life? Or will the past eventually catch up to her?