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A Table for Four

by Ray N. Kuili

Serving the dish called ‘revenge’ is not easy, especially when it has been cold for fifteen years and involves your ex, who suddenly decided to show up in your busy but lonely life. Worse, despite your best efforts, meticulous planning, and the well-meaning support of a friend, it may backfire. After all, you’re not the only one at the table, and as another piece of popular wisdom suggests, appetite comes with eating.

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The Aspen Grove

by Jane Fulkerson

The Aspen Grove is a story about a third generation Irish immigrant family living in Colorado in 1883. Daniel O’Neal, his wife Johanna, their daughter Sarah and their hired hands live a frugal but rewarding life raising cattle. A catastrophic event changes all of their lives forever and their friends and neighbors must come to their aid. Sheriff Nathan Westphal and his Deputy Wilf Bennington, two men who served on opposite sides of the Mason-Dixon Line during the Civil War, seek to bring justice to the devastated family. An unexpected twist takes the story in a different direction.

Mysteries & Thrillers

The Perfect Friend

by JV Cardy

Anna’s friend, Lou, wants to confess to a fatal hit-and-run from years ago–an accident Anna helped cover up. As Anna tries desperately to convince Lou not to confess, she grows increasingly volatile and Anna realizes she needs to get free of Lou forever. What she does opens the gates to hell, because Lou is far more disturbed than Anna realizes…

Mysteries & Thrillers

Those Who Curse You

by Rae Richen

Inner city architect Sarah Rohann takes on four street kids as apprentices creating an extraordinary makeshift family. But when Kevin, the newest apprentice, mysteriously disappears, Sarah’s world is shaken. Fearing he’s returned to the dangerous gang life he once led, she searches his old haunts. In a derelict house Sarah makes a chilling discovery. Her moment of horror soon turns to terror…


The Chains of Fate

by Pamela Belle

Aged ten, Thomazine Heron’s father died. Sent to live with Sir Simon Heron, she fell in love with his son, Francis. Years later, after learning of Francis’s death, Thomazine is married to her cousin Sir Dominic Drakelon, a union that was already decided when she was a small child. Thomazine knows she could never love her husband, but what other choice does she have with Francis dead? But soon fate intervenes and the truth reaches her: Francis is alive…


The Circle of Awareness

by Jimmy Sizemore

Did you ever think: If I see one more Self-Help book cover with a guy on a mountain top, reaching up to the sky, I’m gonna puke? If so, this book is for you. Buckle up, self-help aficionados, for the rollercoaster read of the season, where Jimmy Sizemore, with the sly wit of a seasoned satirist, gives every self-help tome before him a good-natured ribbing…


Having Maddie

by Jason Mandel

Elation over a long-awaited positive pregnancy test turns to anxious excitement with a twins diagnosis and into heart-pounding fear as the doctor reveals that both embryos have split—quadruplets…

Biographies & History

City of Masks

by Ashley Capes

When a royal conspiracy topples the noble House Falco, Sofia must take up the burden of her father’s mantle and assume guardianship of his Greatmask. Yet the sentient bone mask, powerful enough to Compel those around her, will not speak, and Sofia, the first female Protector in a hundred years, is left defenceless…

Fantasy and Science-fiction

Waves Breaking over Ys

by Matt Larkin

The mermaid Lí Ban has long studied humans, fascinated by their culture and strange ways. But when she begins to have dreams in which she lived a human life, she decides she must have once lived in the surface world, in a past life. Determined to regain what she has lost, she makes a dangerous bargain, trading her tongue for legs…

Fantasy and Science-fiction

Silence in the Woods

by J.P. Choquette

In 1917, four friends and photojournalists set out in the woods looking for answers. Why have so many hikers and hunters gone missing in the area of Shiny Creek Trail? The two couples anticipate a great adventure, one they’ll tell their kids about someday. No one imagines the evil lurking in a remote cave…


The Vampire and the Nephilim

by D. A. Hahn

In the shadows of Arimoor, a hidden realm thrives—where creatures of legend—vampires, demons, and Nephilim, coexist alongside unsuspecting humans. Violet, a Victorian orphan turned vampire, stirs from a century-long solitude, her heart still aching from the disappearance of her beloved sire, Lily. Cloaked in glamours, she explores Dorbridge, a modern city echoing with ancient secrets. Her veiled existence shatters when she meets two Nephilim men…

Teen and Young Adult


by Nick Nielsen

London. Jake is short on trust. After surviving for seven years in a gang, the twenty-three-year-old thief plans to buy his freedom with one last job at a ribbon-cutting for the mega rich. But he can hardly believe his own eyes when a supernatural force crashes the prototype super-train into the station, killing everyone but Jake. Tracked to the hospital by the terrible powers seeking to finish him off, the savvy conman flees with a young nurse determined to understand what he’s up against…