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101 Quick & Easy Cupcake and Muffin Recipes

By Victoria Steele

Cupcakes from 101 Quick & Easy Cupcake and Muffin Recipes are just the thing to add a festive touch to your next party. Simple or elaborate, they’re colorful and tasty desserts that are just the right size to take in hand for casual entertaining. Whether you decorate them with a quick layer of frosting or adorn each with custom flowers and artistic touches, your cupcake desserts will be the hit of your next get together. Create a garden of blossoms or sculpt frosting animals and cartoon characters. You’re only limited by your imagination. If you’re new to cake decorating, cupcakes give you ample opportunities to practice, and, best of all, you can eat your mistakes and leave no evidence. If cupcakes are a bit rich for your taste, fill your dessert craving with a muffin. You’ll find loads of tasty muffin recipes from healthful bran and whole grain to delicious fruit and berry versions. And, of course there are specialty recipes like peanut butter and coffeecake, and of course, chocolate.

Cooking & Health

Breast Side Stories

By Orit Gilad

Breast Side Stories combines 100 funny mini-stories of breastfeeding mothers from all over the world together with lovely, humorous illustrations that bring the anecdotes even more fully to life. Isn’t it true that we have all had some weird moments while nursing? The most natural way of feeding a baby can be downright humorous when you find yourself with a hungry tyke in places like the zoo, the dentist’s office, or at a job interview. Have you ever held a pose in yoga class with your baby latched on? And imagine the looks you might get nursing your baby in a tattoo parlor. One mother even made herself comfortable sitting on a store display featuring cases of baby formula before she realized the irony of her choice! This book is dedicated to all the breastfeeding mothers out there. Be you a veteran or new to breastfeeding, you will surely relate to and enjoy these humorous stories!


The Divinity Bureau

By Tessa Clare

The Divinity Bureau is a dystopian romance about a forbidden love between a young activist and a government employee, set in a world where a government bureau controls overpopulation by deciding who lives and who dies.

Fantasy and Science-fiction


Orphans, Assassins & the Existential Eggplant

By J.T Gillett

Fun, smart, award-winning novel takes you on a madcap medieval adventure with a female alchemist seeking immortality, lovelorn teenage genius, and a shrunken, 600-year-old wisecracking eggplant that you’ll never forget.


Coming Out of Egypt

By Angela Joseph

Set in the lovely island of Trinidad, Coming Out of Egypt tells the story of Marva Garcia, seventeen, and her sister June, thirteen, who were both sexually abused by their father. Their mother died a year previously, and Marva, unable to tolerate his abuse any longer, accidentally kills him one night while trying to protect June from him. As the girls struggle desperately to escape the police and forge a new life for themselves, they learn important life lessons about God, forgiveness and the true meaning of love. Coming Out of Egypt is the first book of the Egypt series and is written from a Christian perspective.


Once Upon a Regency Tale

By Samantha Holt

Get lost in the Regency world in these three fun, clean reads. Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Sleeping Beauty all get the historical treatment in these three novellas.


Demon Kissed

By Michelle Madow

An addicting standalone paranormal romance by USA Today bestselling author Michelle Madow! Find out why readers are calling Demon Kissed “impossible to put down…”She’s an angel sent to Earth to kill a demon. The last thing she expected was to fall in love with him. Decades ago, the Demon King Ezekiel conquered Mexico City and cursed it with greed. The only way to end the curse? An angel needs to slay Ezekiel with Uriel’s Flaming Sword. But Ezekiel has stolen the Sword and hidden it in his Watchtower — the gleaming skyscraper where he lives and rules. Now the angel Rebekah has been chosen to enter the city, find the Sword, and kill the demon. When Ezekiel opens auditions for women to live in the Watchtower as his concubines, it’s the perfect opportunity for Rebekah to get close to the devilishly handsome demon king, locate the Sword, and use it to end the curse. Except that while Rebekah’s in the city, she’ll be cursed with greed, like everyone else. She must conquer the curse and complete her mission. But that’s harder than it sounds when she discovers there’s one thing she’s greedy for above all else… love from the Demon King himself.

Fantasy and Science-fiction, Romance

In The Blood of the Greeks

By Mary D. Brooks

Forbidden love, heart racing suspense, an epic tale set in war ravaged Greece. In Nazi-occupied Greece, Eva and Zoe — one a German officer’s daughter, the other a young Greek woman filled with fury — should be enemies. But when fate brings them together, they discover a love that transcends the barriers between them. Fourteen year old Zoe Lambros’ faith in God is shattered after her mother’s death at the hands of the German Commander. She determines to defy the enemy in every way she can–including a festering urge to kill the German Commander’s daughter, Eva Muller. Eva Muller has a tortured past, and a secret, if revealed, will lead to certain death at the hands of her father. Despite knowing the risk, Eva is working with the village priest to help the Jews escape. With her activities closely observed, Eva needs help to continue the clandestine operation. Zoe is not who Eva has in mind but they have to find a way to work as a team to accomplish their life saving mission.


A Redbird Christmas: A Novel

By Fannie Flagg

With the same incomparable style and warm, inviting voice that have made her beloved by millions of readers far and wide, New York Times bestselling author Fannie Flagg has written an enchanting Christmas story of faith and hope for all ages that is sure to become a classic. Deep in the southernmost part of Alabama, along the banks of a lazy winding river, lies the sleepy little community known as Lost River, a place that time itself seems to have forgotten. After a startling diagnosis from his doctor, Oswald T. Campbell leaves behind the cold and damp of the oncoming Chicago winter to spend what he believes will be his last Christmas in the warm and welcoming town of Lost River. There he meets the postman who delivers mail by boat, the store owner who nurses a broken heart, the ladies of the Mystic Order of the Royal Polka Dots Secret Society, who do clandestine good works. And he meets a little redbird named Jack, who is at the center of this tale of a magical Christmas when something so amazing happened that those who witnessed it have never forgotten it. Once you experience the wonder, you too will never forget A Redbird Christmas.




By Hayley Stone

Perfect for fans of Robopocalypse, this action-packed science-fiction debut introduces a chilling future and an unforgettable heroine with a powerful role to play in the battle for humanity’s survival. The machines have risen, but not out of malice. They were simply following a command: to stop the endless wars that have plagued the world throughout history. Their solution was perfectly logical. To end the fighting, they decided to end the human race. A potent symbol of the resistance, Rhona Long has served on the front lines of the conflict since the first Machinations began—until she is killed during a rescue mission gone wrong. Now Rhona awakens to find herself transported to a new body, complete with her DNA, her personality, even her memories. She is a clone… of herself.

Fantasy and Science-fiction

Sara’s Promise

By Deanna Lynn Sletten

Sara had promised William she would always be there to watch over him and the children no matter what happened. Five years after Sara’s sudden death, William meets Annie, a woman who reminds him of Sara. Is it fate, destiny, or did Sara keep her promise? A beautiful romance.


Souls of the Never: A Young Adult Science Fiction Fantasy Romance

By CJ Rutherford

Something wants our world…and it’s coming through her to get it! Katheryne, a kick-ass Irish heroine, and Derren, her dimension-hopping boyfriend, along with a ragged team of misfits, are pitted against the powers of darkness; powers that want to free magic – and their malevolent god – from its ancient prison. The fate of two worlds lies in their hands, so cue time-travel. Cue epic battles. Cue re-runs of Friends…Hey, even heroes have down time. Souls of the Never will have you on the edge of your seat in the breakneck adventure through science and fantasy, where two worlds battle to save reality…and the SUPER BOWL final.

Teen and Young Adult

Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Blockchain: Surprising Insights from 200+ Podcast Interview

By Richard Jacobs

Richard Jacobs discovered Bitcoin in 2013, by reading an article in the New York Times, but dismissed the idea as a curiosity (like many). Fast forward to October 2016, when he started a podcast called “Future Tech Podcast” – the goal was and is to learn about ‘round-the-corner’ new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, stem cells, regenerative medicine, Bitcoin and blockchain (of course), and more. Since October 2016, Richard has interviewed 400+ different companies and consultants, 200 of which are in the Bitcoin / Ethereum / blockchain space. Richard also attends a weekly local Austin, Texas Bitcoin meetup, sponsored by Factom. He is now a crypto-enthusiast, and small-time holder. In February of 2017, Richard joined to help run their podcast: Bitcoin – the internet of money.

Success & Motivation

Cozy Mysteries: Maple Syrup Murder

By Grace Lemon

Welcome to Cider Island – a town where anyone who’s anyone knows something about someone. It’s just that kind of place. And things get a whole lot stickier for the residents when a businessman visiting the island ends up smothered at the local sugar bush. With maple syrup season in full swing, Ida Noe’s fudge shop is busier than a centipede at a toe counting contest – especially when she’s invited to showcase her world famous Maple Bacon Fudge at Sweeney’s Sugar Bush. All is sweet until some poor sap kicks the bucket in the sugarhouse and all fingers point to Ida’s best friend Maura Sweeney. With the help of her lumpy black Lab and origami loving friend, Ida is determined to “tap” the real killer and prove that maple can indeed be murder.

Mysteries & Thrillers

Chasing Ivan

By Tim Tigner

Rumor has it there’s a Russian you can turn to if you’re very rich, andneeddirty deeds done without a trace. The CIA calls him Ivan theGhostbecause he’s operated for years without leaving a trail orrevealing his face. Until now. For the first time inhistory, Ivanappears to have slipped. The CIA’s new director sets AgentKyle Achilles on an intercept course, surveilling the daughter of aBritishpolitician. Then Ivan pulls off a masterful con, and Emilyvanishes. With Emily’s life, his career, and America’s reputation at stake, Achillespartners with an unlikely new agent he meets inFrance. Together theyattempt to get one step ahead of the legendaryRussian, while rubbingelbows with the ultra-rich in a high-techinternational chase.

Mysteries & Thrillers

Bullet Drop: A London Carter Novel

By BJ Bourg

While Dawn Luke travels to her hometown of Arkansas to tend to her sick mother, London Carter is called upon to investigate the murder of a young teenager whose body is found stuffed under the exit ramp of an overpass. It was apparent to London that the murderer wanted to make sure the kid was dead, but the motive for the killing was far from obvious. Summoning the assistance of Detective Rachael Bowler, the two are finally able to locate the actual crime scene and that leads them to the identity of their young victim. But instead of providing answers, the identification leads to more questions. Could a secret involving the young man lead them to the killer, or will it only muddy the waters and interfere with their investigation? Whatever the case, this is one killer no one should take for granted–not even a cop as skilled and gritty as London Carter.

Mysteries & Thrillers

Thea: A Vampire Story

By Steven Jenkins

Vampires are real – hidden among us, concealing their lust for human blood. But monsters come in many forms. Teenage boys, drug addiction, underage sex – single mother Sarah battles to keep these demons from her daughters. As the long nights of worry start to feed Sarah’s paranoia, she must take desperate measures to save her family. Although sometimes, the only way to kill a monster… is to become one.


Twelve Years a Slave (AmazonClassics Edition)

By Solomon Northup

Born into “the blessings of liberty in a free State,” Solomon Northup was kidnapped and sold into slavery in the Bayou Boeuf region of Louisiana’s Red River Valley. Twelve Years a Slave is the chronicle of his captivity at the mercy of sadistic plantation owner Edwin Epps, who tested Northup’s tenacity and self-control under the most brutal conditions. Until fate brought a Canadian abolitionist to Epps’s farm, Northup thought he would never draw another free breath. To this day Northup’s harrowing memoir is recognized as the most reliable, accurate eyewitness account of the daily lives of slaves. As a significant historical reference, it is unsurpassed. As an authentic narrative of a man starved of his freedom, it is unforgettable. AmazonClassics brings you timeless works from iconic authors. Ideal for anyone who wants to read a great work for the first time or revisit an old favorite, these new editions open the door to the stories and ideas that have shaped our world.

Biographies & History