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Where Have All the Dental Patients Gone?

by Gabriel Asulin

Patient retention is often a weak link for dental practices, wherever they may be, and the numbers speak for themselves. Recent studies have found that dental practices throughout the world succeed in retaining only 20% of their patients on average. This book explores the reasons behind this drop in patient loyalty to dental practices. But more importantly, it will show you exactly what your practice can do to reverse it…

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Lethally Lit

by Amber Boffin

Maggie, eager to make her wildlife photography tour a success, is challenged by a mysterious death. Snowy owls, a frozen lake, a remote ice-fishing lodge, and her trusted friend Adam at her side—it’s Maggie’s idea of a perfect launch of her guided wildlife photography tours.

Mysteries & Thrillers

Stretch Me, Touch Me, Take Me

by Dani Hart

Lucy can’t stop fantasizing about her hot, older yoga teacher, Sofia. But is Sofia even interested in women, let alone 21-year-old Lucy? One thing’s for sure, lust-struck Lucy is ready to leave this steamy yoga class feeling sweaty and spent in more ways than one.


The New Boss

by Multiple Authors

The boss will see you now…In this collection you can expect delectable sexual tension, all the witty banter, and steamy hookup goodness. These men are smart, audacious and sexy as sin with a body to match. They are in control and know how to take charge. With late night deadlines and trips out of town, working together means facing temptation every day. Business with pleasure…who says you can’t have both?


A Very Naughty Christmas

by Sofia T Summers

‘Tis the season for naughty, forbidden secrets, seductions, and happily ever afters. Fall in love this holiday season. Three brand new sizzling hot age gap romances, specially written to keep you warm this holiday season…


The Little Book of Gratitude for Kids 1

by Christian Bergstrom

This book will help your child see more good things in life and instill optimism and a sense of wonder. Simply open the book and read a fun prompt that will get your children thinking about all the good things they have in their lives. Enjoy this fun way to experience gratitude with your children. You’ll be happy you did!



by Luke Sniewski

How do I create authentic change? How can I have more peaceful relationships? How do I achieve holistic health? All three of these questions require a journey into the body, where clients learn how to listen to, reconnect with, and care for their body; ultimately using it as a compass for navigating the tricky terrains of life…


Come Home

by Richard Hewitt

While living in Kyrgyzstan I noticed amazing overlaps between Earth’s primary religious script and Kyrgyz folk faith. I concluded that Kyrgyz have a relationship to the Script’s Lost Tribes Of Israel, but I not could not find a scriptural argument for converting Kyrgyz to Judaism or Christianity. Divinely, their messianic folk faith seems to have been created specifically for them. I’ve been speaking on this incredible, controversial topic since 2006.

Biographies & History

The Forgotten Gods

by Jeff Pantanella

What could be worse than a cosmic, world destroying, vampire hungry to drain the Mortal Realm of all life? How about two of them?

Fantasy and Science-fiction

Run from the Dead

by Joanne Nundy

The dead are rising and violently attacking people on the streets of the UK. Driven by an insatiable hunger for flesh, they attack anyone who dares to go out.


My Double Life

by Janette Rallison

When Alexia is offered a job doubling for rock star Kari Kingsley, she realizes she’ll have the resources to finally track down her father and meet him. She’s always wanted to find out whether he knew about her birth or not.

Teen and Young Adult

Postmark from the Past

by Vickie Phelps

In November 1989, Emily Patterson receives a red envelope in her mailbox. It’s a letter from Mark who declares his love for her and says he’s coming for her if he makes it home alive. But who is Mark? There is no return address and the postmark is 1968.