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By Karin A. H.

In Thin-minded you’ll find a simple but powerful tool that can change your life. It will show you how you can leave the infinite circle of dieting and learn to control your appetite. Your humongous objective, losing weight—will become a reality.

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Child of Mist

By Lola StVil

Rayne’s Mother is a ruthless Fae hunter. So she was kept hidden from the magical world for her safety. But someone has exposed her. And now, its open season on Rayne…

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To Hell in a Handbasket

By Willow Rose

To the neighbors, they’re sweet old ladies. To Tim Robertson, they’re his worst nightmare. Not every grandmotherly type bakes cookies. What’s more frightening than finding out that the kindly old ladies living across the street from you are anything but?

Mysteries & Thrillers

Kissed by a Cowboy

By Lacy Williams

What if you could have a second chance with the one that got away? Maddox is so busy keeping his younger brother on the straight-and-narrow that he’s blindsided when his young niece—his ward—begins to act out. Know who does notice? Haley. The girl he thought he’d end up with. The one who was right there when his life disintegrated. They might share a decade-old heartbreak, but Haley moved on to better things a long time ago and he’s still going nowhere fast…


Kismet’s Bond

By Payton Harper

My name is Julia Gilmore. I always liked the idea of kismet, fate; that we have some greater destiny, that somethings are meant to be but I never truly believed it. I didn’t believe in love at first sight, either…or soulmates…or Werewolves…Until fate found me, ready or not, during my work-cation weekend in New York City. As I wandered Central Park that Friday afternoon, I had no idea what was stalking me or how my life would be forever changed.


The Asylum Daughter

By Rosie Darling

Born in the dark horrors of the Victorian Bedlam, Beth Thursday was a no-one. An inconsequential inconvenience. After eight years of dreaming of an unknown mother rescuing her from the workhouse, Beth is unexpectedly liberated to become an apprentice in Mr Whitaker’s tailor’s shop. Against all the odds, Mrs Whitaker becomes a maternal figure to the young girl who shows all the signs of a gifted seamstress. But fate’s cruel hand had not finished denying Beth the comforts of a family…


Fail Big 2

By Scott Allan

Struggling to bounce back from failure? Need a plan to push past the fear of failing? Want to know specific strategies for redefining failure and overcoming fear avoidance? The solution to handling failure is by changing your perspective. Through practical exercises and personal examples, Fail Big 2 teaches you how to channel failure into a winning formula for success.


By the Light of Embers

By Shaylin Gandhi

It’s 1954, and twenty-two-year-old Lucia Lafleur has always dreamed of following in her father’s footsteps. While sock hops and poodle skirts occupy her classmates, she dreams of bacteria and broken bones—and the day she’ll finally fix them. After graduation, a letter arrives, and Lucia reads the words she’s labored a lifetime to earn—”we are pleased to offer you a position at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.” But in the midst of her triumph, her fiancé delivers a crushing ultimatum…

Biographies & History

The Final Strain

By Brian Gates

The end of the world began with the news reports of a deadly, flu-like sickness out of Washington D.C. The novel virus induced panic when the CDC failed to contain it. It escalated when the Federal Government declared martial law to enforce quarantines. For the immune, life is a chaotic battle for survival.

Fantasy and Science-fiction

Above the Star

By Alexis Marie Chute

When frumpy senior citizen Archie goes in search of his missing son he stumbles upon a higher mission: locating a magical cure for his ailing fourteen-year-old granddaughter, Ella. Using a portal-jumping device, Archie and a stone-headed creature are transported to a magnificent yet terrifying island in a connected realm. What they find on Jarr-Wya is an island tortured by a wicked Star anchored in the sea, and a raging three-way battle for dominion.

Fantasy and Science-fiction

Tears of a Heart

By Chase Blackwood

He’s been called the Scourge of Bodig, the Bane of Verold, but most know him as the Kan Savasci. He’s one of the most feared men alive. Chaos and war have followed him like an angry shadow. The one problem, as the world faces the wrath of forgotten gods, Kan Savasci is nowhere to be found. The annalist, a man trained in the ancient arts of the arkein, has been tasked to uncover the whereabouts of the Kan Savasci at any cost…

Fantasy and Science-fiction

The Sighting

By Christopher Coleman

From the ocean, it rose. Every fourteen months it appears on a secluded beach in a small town just before dawn. One morning during his daily run to the beach, Danny Lynch witnesses the strangest and most incredible thing he’s ever seen. A dark, man-like figure emerges from the ocean, stands for just a few moments on the beach, and then retreats back to the surf.