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The Mall

by Bryant Delafosse

When single mother Lara Myers finds herself suddenly homeless with her two children, she takes refuge for the night in the Mall of the Nation, a completely automated retail complex that never closes. When a catastrophic event occurs, the Mall is locked down, causing Lara to be separated from her ten-year-old son Owen.

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Dark Mural

by Rick Homan

Nicole Tang Noonan, an art historian from San Francisco, gets her first job at a small college in rural Ohio. She hopes to launch an academic career, but when one of her students is murdered, and another is accused of the crime, she needs to find the real killer.

Mysteries & Thrillers

Fake It for Wealth

by Weston Parker

I’ve been lying to my family for two years. They think I’m married. Plot twist. I’m not. It’s unheard of for the oldest son in a wealthy family to be single. My mother makes sure I’m aware of this truth. Hell, it’s a downright sin for him to be married by Elvis in Vegas. But I needed to get my mother off my back, and sin seemed to do the trick…


Protecting Her Secret

by Ajme Williams

I kept our baby a secret thinking that it was the right decision. And it was…until I found myself in a mess greater than any Hollywood movie could ever portray. Working as a PR executive for a brilliant director was supposed to be fun. Little did I know that I’d meet not one, but four men of my dreams…



by Multiple Authors

In a world of explosive change and transformation, leaders at all levels—from heads of state and global corporations to entrepreneurs and gig economists—will offer the best opportunity for leveraging change and transforming our lives for the better. This includes how we work, play, govern ourselves, and consider and plan for our collective futures…


The Social Strategist

by Lucio Buffalmano & Ali Scarlett

Want to connect with those who can help you get ahead? Discover how to make yourself known and leverage your way into opportunity. The Social Strategist: How to Master Your Social Life, Raise Your Status, and Win More Negotiations is your handbook for cementing a public perception that gains allies, attracts top mentors, and creates new openings.


Nonviolent Communication with Teens

by Grace Cohen

Imagine being able to talk openly and honestly with your teenager without fear or resentment. This book will show you how to do just that—and, more importantly, how it will benefit both you and your teen in the long run…


A Panther Crosses Over

by Sam Foster

Following the French and Indian War, white settlers pour over the Appalachians and down the Ohio River. But native tribes of the Northwest Territory have long inhabited this land—and they are willing to fight to remain…

Biographies & History

Son of Soron

by Robyn Wideman

When tragedy strikes a young boy is forced to become a warrior. To escape a perilous royal life, Soron and Velaina disappear to the small village of Elderwood. But when their son Nathan begins to show special powers, they know they are no longer safe. When Nathan’s parents are killed, he finds himself lost and alone with his heart set on revenge.

Fantasy and Science-fiction


by Aaron LA.V.R.

After being born with the power to change the course of humanity, two African American youths are thrust into a world where nightmares become reality and their identities are a mystery. Escorted by the mysterious man in the brown coat and the extremely unfiltered Vee, they discover more about their abilities as they fight through the trials of a forest connected to another dimension on the island of Bermuda…

Fantasy and Science-fiction

Wall of Fire

by Melanie Tays

Sheltered inside a dome city, Emery believes she’s safe from the worst danger imaginable: a ravaging pandemic. But when her beloved brother falls victim to a strange and deadly disease, she risks everything to save him, illegally crossing the Wall of Fire that divides their city in search of the medicine that will save his life. However, she becomes and unwilling participant in the Burning-—a gauntlet of trials she must pass or be exiled forever…

Teen and Young Adult


Genesis Awakens

by Akorede Adekoya & Howard Haugom

She’s just found the most powerful relic in history—and she’ll need all the help she can get to protect it. Will she be able to harness her true powers in time? Or, is history about to be rewritten—with apocalyptic consequences?


Nothing Is Wasted

by David Rose

Rose looks at the difficult things that people often walk through in life, from deep hurts to medical hardships and more—the list is endless. The truth is we all face pain and struggle, and often it can lead us to question the meaning of life, if there is a God and if so where He is in all the hardship.


God’s Big Ask

by Carissa Campbell

God’s Big Ask assures that redemption and restoration are possible for all of us, in all our places, and in all our messes. Your journey through sacrifice, suffering, and silence doesn’t have to be suffocating; rather, it can be full of surprises where your wasteland becomes a transformational example of His workmanship. Carissa Campbell provides insight on how to courageously say yes to God, in both the daily mundane and in the big.