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Sound Healing for Beginners

by Ascending Vibrations

Always wanted to know how to help your body, mind, and spirit with sound, but it all sounded so complicated?

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Murder on a Country Lane

by Jon Harris

Not much happens in Biddle Rhyne, a quiet, picturesque village in the southwest of England. Especially if you don’t count the meat raffle on a Thursday night and the odd sheep escaping a field. However, that’s all set to change when Julia Ford, a normal(ish) twenty-something who works in the local pub, stumbles upon a murder victim.

Mysteries & Thrillers


by Becky Mushko

Eleven-year-old Jacie Addison is stuck in grief over her mother’s death, stuck at horse camp with her worst enemy, stuck with anger that her father is going to remarry, stuck with a stepmother she doesn’t want, and then stuck on a Virginia farm where she encounters a ghost who is stuck on earth.


Doctor Daddy Dilemma

by Sofia T Summers

Three years ago, I fled the mile-high club with a secret cradled in my arms. Dr. Alexander Hartman, the silver fox surgeon with a smile as fake as his implants, thought he owned me. . But love was a botched surgery, and I took the biggest souvenir—his child. Now, I’m in my studio, preparing for another show, when he walks in. Lex. The man from my past and the father of my child. Sparks reignite, hotter than the lasers he wields, and I’m juggling a new secret: another bun in the oven…



by Elizabeth Rosner

This book shows students and families how to tackle college financing effectively. Using her personal experience of securing three degrees with minimal debt, Rosner offers the GRIT Blueprint—a mix of financial strategies and educational insights. Learn to enjoy college debt-free, and prepare for a dream job while promoting social change and financial freedom. Invest wisely in your future education!


Little Boy Lost

by David Peters

The true story of one boy’s heartache and hope while coming of age in small-town Tennessee in the 1970s. As the youngest of three sons and a bona fide momma’s boy, David Peters thinks that having a mother who spends months at a time in psychiatric hospitals is normal. Then on St. Patrick’s Day 1974, his world shatters when she commits suicide.

Biographies & History

The Palace of Crystal and Fire

by Stephanie Fernandez

Princess Allorie was the black sheep of her family; the only half Siren half Fae, the only one to push against the Malaran traditions, and the only one who wanted to be able to choose who she loved rather than some mystical Bond dictating who her lifelong Mate should be. She didn’t feel like she belonged anywhere, let alone in her own kingdom.

Fantasy and Science-fiction


by L Gourley

Incipience is the debut novel from L. Gourley and first in the Incipience series. This fantasy novel explores the concept of fighting your inner darkness, and how alluring it can be, when trying to fight fate to determine who you are.



by Tamara L Adams

Alex and Caleb are twins living in a post-apocalyptic earth. They have been hidden from any information of the past and live a life full of restrictions within a class based society. An epidemic begins to infect the community with little visible effort by any adults to stop it. Can they fight the powers that be to save themselves and the encampment?

Teen and Young Adult

Streams of Mercy

by Teresa Slack

Was Jamie Steele’s father really a killer? On the day of her father’s funeral, Jamie is devastated to learn he was the prime suspect in the disappearance of an old girlfriend. Everyone in their small town believes he’s guilty, and only the lack of evidence-the missing woman’s body-kept him out of prison.